Friday, February 8, 2013

the latest news from the Governor of dki jakarta jokowi in tackling bajaj

the Governor of dki jakarta joko widodo or jokowi review directly one of the cooperative that handles transportation bajaj in the capital, and found some related problems of public transport tricycle.

"I'm here to do a kroscek on the field. I want to see the actual problem such as what, and it turns out an awful lot, "said jokowi on the sidelines in cooperative efforts of United tinjauannya located in pulo gadung mangun, swamp, East jakarta, Wednesday.

broadly speaking, jokowi said there are three problems encountered. First, there is no pool during this special bajaj in jakarta.

"in fact, the name of a legal entity (cooperative), bajaj was supposed to have its own pool, just as other public transportation," said jokowi.

a second problem, connect jokowi, i.e. the magnitude of the security deposit which must be deposited to the cooperative distributors, i.e. amounting to rp32 billion.

"the third issue, namely the magnitude of costs that must be paid in the bajaj driver, namely rp 115,000 per day because the price of bajaj which are expensive. I guess, it's aggravating, "said jokowi.

Therefore, according to jokowi, there must be a lot of distributors bajaj, so there is competition and efforts can reduce the cost of deposits to the cooperative. bajaj driver

"there has to be a distributor or importer bajaj, bajaj, local entrepreneurs as much as possible or to be created, as well as efforts to ease the competition suits driver bajaj," added jokowi.

great program before, in the direction of jokowi to the whole work unit (skpd) area of the device say, Segway to focus more on a large program, so that absorption of the budget revenue of regional expenditures (national) budget year 2013 Jawa.

"the absorption of a grant last year is still very low. so, I ask that the Segway to make programs that are larger, so that absorption of a grant this year could be the maximum, "he said.

jokowi targeting the absorption of a grant Jawa 2013 reached 95 percent of the total that has been ratified by the regional House of representatives (dprd) dki jakarta some time ago, namely amounting to rp49 .9 trillion.

"therefore, I ask that the entire Segway soon compiled a list of the execution of the budget (dpa) as well as the cash budget, for another week to evaluate budgets already exist in our hands (dki jakarta provincial government)," said jokowi.

jokowi also appealed to all the programs and activities carried out soon

After completion of the grant budget is evaluated by the Home Secretary (Minister of the Interior) to avoid buildup program or activity at the end of the year.

"in addition to targets for the absorption of national trails, I would also target the 2013 the entire work programme can be planned for completion at the end of november. then from

Therefore, I ask that the programs it started as soon as possible, "said jokowi.

According to jokowi, if the end of the year there were still some work programme has not yet resolved, consequently the budget will not be absorbed to the maximum.

jokowi added this year, the program will use the services of procurement electronically (lpse), so it is expected to improve the efficiency, quality and transparency in the implementation of the procurement of goods and services.

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